Regenerative Nutraceuticals was designed by industry leading medical professionals actively working in the field of regenerative medicine.  The active ingredients in our formulas have been clinically proven to be effective in accelerating and enhancing the body's innate ability to heal itself.  Peer reviewed medical studies and the empirical evidence of our many satisfied customers both verify the potency and effectiveness of our products.


Our Mission

We are committed to ongoing research and development of the highest quality, most effective and safest natural products available.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of our customers and to assist other health-care professionals in attaining the highest possible results in their work.

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Our Products


We are very excited about LigaGenix™.  This product was developed to help in supporting repair of connective tissue (ligaments/tendons) and joints, in particular after procedures such as Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma injection therapy, Stem Cell Injection Therapy and other musculoskeletal or orthopedic procedures as recommended by the provider.  It can also be taken to help support daily “wear and tear” maintenance repair of ligaments, tendons and joints,  and for better hair, skin and nail health.