I used this product after having Platelet Rich Plasma treatments on my lower back.  I felt like I healed much faster, and noticed improvement quicker than when I had previous treatments done 2 years ago.  I also noticed my nails grew faster, and thicker, which was an added benefit!

M.F., Client

I have been using Ligagenix regularly for the past few years.  I started when I was getting neck injections, and noticed it not only helped with the neck but my hair, which was thinning, which began to improve.  I take it at a lower level, one or two a day, for maintenance, and just feel better.  Too often I have taken supplements in the past that I wasn’t sure were helping, however this one I can say for sure I feel the difference.  Thank you Ligagenix!

E.C., Client

Really loving this supplement! I started my Prolotherapy treatments at first without using this product, but started to notice a major improvement after taking the Ligagenix. I've seen great results with my hair skin and nails as well!

M.N., Client

I have been treated with Prolotherapy and PRP with great results. I have been treated on my back and wrists and shoulder. All areas dating back to sports injuries in my teens and numerous re-injuries later.  A couple of years ago, while waiting for an appointment, I noticed a product called Ligagenix on the shelves and asked the receptionist about it. She told me that it was specially formulated to help speed recovery after prolotherapy or after an injury. I asked a couple of more questions since I am a bit of a sceptic and it made enough sense that I became at least convinced enough to try it. I am very glad that I did!  While I am still happy and grateful to have found something (Prolo and PRP) that actually DO HEAL old injuries, I have never been entirely happy with how long the process is,probably because I am just naturally impatient...but I am quite convinced that the healing process has speeded up something like 20-25% by the daily use of Ligagenix before and after treatment. At this point, I use the product even when I am not actively recovering from a treatment. It just sort of makes my joints feel better.

C.F., Client