I am very active 55 year old who still plays sports regularly every week.  I have had several sport injuries and some old nagging pains.  Fortunately no injury severe enough that required surgery, but severe enough to stop me from playing – some bad enough to put me on crutches for a while.  I have had several Prolotherapy, PRP and Stem Cell treatments in the past 5 years.  The last few treatments I took Ligagenix after my treatment and my recovery felt faster than the treatments without Ligagenix.  I still take it at a lower dose, as it seems to help with my sports recovery.  Overall great product.

C.S., Client

I would never have believed it, but it seems some supplements can really have a life changing affect -- I intend to keep taking yours for a long time as I am seeing steady improvement.  I feel it is very beneficial for me -- my condition has improved quite a bit since I started taking this supplement.

MH, Client